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Doc is cycling…

… through some emotions…  Shock, Anger, Denial, Bargaining, Acceptance.

You can see them all on his various expressions…

Easy there, big guy, don’t hurt yourself!  That head-swivel is reserved for those a little younger than you…

All righty then!  Enough with the Mark-splaining…  This is getting more tedious than usual!


One thought on “Doc is cycling…

  1. I think we have already accepted the fact that Doc and his fellow “wranglers” were about as smart as a bag of hammers, to borrow a phrase. But that’s old news. Age hasn’t improved Doc’s naivete any. And I’m giving up pointing out how ridiculous the image is of a “pile of rocks” covering up a hole that mostly goes straight down. Sort of like this story line, in fact.

    And ANOTHER thing: Why would Mark feel the need to explain ANYTHING to JJ, other than to say “Hope you get used to enclosed spaces, JJ!” I wonder if Mark will scratch out an article over this adventure?

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