I guess Mark has forgotten how the bills get paid…

Harvey Camel?  Like of Cigarette Fame?  Oh that’s right… that was Joe Camel… the height of cool in the 90’s…  Man, Do I feel old!!


Mark, I am shocked!  I thought you knew everything!


Anyway, Mark is suddenly worried about what?  His reputation?  Who he pals around with and writes stories about?  Boy that was a horrible sentence- ending one clause and the entire sentence with a preposition…  I wonder who even notices these things anymore…  Boy, I guess I am getting old!


I guess the Family Trust that is keeping Woods and Wildlife Magazine afloat still has some gas in it…  Good thing that the Trust is very explicit and irrevocable, otherwise I am sure the Trustees would have turned to other more relevant pursuits…

C’mon, Mark, Really?  Pack your bags, man, and don’t forget your Mukluks!!