Catching up… and Testing Boundaries

And we are back. Sorry Campers, took a little time off in the Desert Southwest, where, oddly enough, it was chillier than my current home state of MN! What an upside-down world we live in, huh?

Well, the sniping continues, much to Genie’s dismay:

Below we find Mama Bear giving lessons to her cub: Stay the hell away from those upright walking beasts, that is unless yo want a face full of mace…

… a Selfie! HA HAW! That’s a pretty good one, Mark! Note the last line, though, we haven’t seen Mark pull out his camera once!! There has been no attempt by Mark to catalogue any experiences thus far!

… as the trap is baited and set…

Sprung! Mark has really figured out how to get under Camel’s hump, hasn’t he?


OK, now for something completely different. I recent switched up papers in my daily routine and discovered this gem: Zippy the Pinhead. Or just “Zippy” for short. I am guessing that the “Pinhead” reference had to go in the day and age in which we live…

I love the references that are made regarding the struggles of maintaining a daily strip, so-called “Sequential Art.”

“Lumbago Masterfile!” HA HAW!