We are Sooooooo back…

Strap in, Campers!  Classic Mark Trail Cheese (served up with Ritz Crackers) on the horizon!!


Oh Mark, always the voice of reason, always the sober one…  I mean, have you EVER taken a drink?  Not that it matters of course… Enter the stretch with the ridiculous wheels and low profile tires… complete with Hollywood Action Hero Jeremy Cartwright!


Cue the Girlfriend/ Producer!  Blonde, of course, and expression as vacant as the face of Cutter’s Bluff!


“Mr.” Trail!  Twice!!  This is hilarious!  What makes Mar Trail “tick?”  Figure that one out and you will have solved one of the greatest mysteries of all time!!  Notice too, how Jeremy’s head blends into the vehicle interior!  Sort of like that Pirates of the Caribbean movie where the pirates had all started to become the ship!