More Fun at Lost Forest!!

Sorry Campers!  It’s been a wild ride on the Stagecoach the last couple of days!

I see that Cherry entered in to offer words of wisdom- “Mark, don’t ‘F’ this up, OK?”  Oh, and I see the Producer/ Girlfriend has a name!!  Marnie!  That’s nice!


Cut to the dock… Where Cartwright continues to display absolute disdain for his hosts- “Kid”  again with “Kid.”  Never thought I would defend Rusty, but, hey, Jerkwad, he has a name!!  It’s Rusty!  But wait, there’s more!


You need a filter, sir!  On that Pie-hole!!  Do you not realize (or care, I suppose) that Rusty’s biological father was a raging alcoholic that beat him and his mom?  Do you even know ‘thing one’ about the man you are going to play on the big screen?  What a rube!