The vote is in…

…and it’s fairly unanimous…  See ya!  Wouldn’t want to be ya!  Poor James Allen.  The mantle of Mark Trail and the daily strip proved to be too much.  We wish him well, though, with whatever direction his life takes.

I have to admit, looking at these Elrod dailies has caused my blood pressure and pulse rate to drop.  The familiar will do that!  To the Story!


One of the games we get to play now is “what year is this, anyway?”  The car, the clothes, the cat give us no clue…  Although the man, by the looks of him, could be a distant relative of Mark’s…  In the middle panel, the cat still thinks it’s a game, but in the end, knows that it’s on its own.


Well Hi!!  I hear the voice over.  OH!  It’s a SHE-cat.  OK that’s good to know… The fawn, still replete with spots, appears nonplussed… Welcome back, Jack.