Is that Mark? Writing??

Poor Joe Morgan, his farm terrorized by wild dogs!! But wait a gol-darned second! Is Cherry bursting in on Mark… writing?? Is that a Computer? A Cathode Ray Tube?? We have never seen Mark actually write an article, they always just sort of appear as if by magic in a future reference- “Loved your article on the Lovelorn Manatees of Coastal Florida, Mark…”

So damn the dogs, let’s sit up and take notice of this brief glimpse behind the scenes of Mark Trail!

I have to draw notice to a link in a comment posted Friday:

The Mark Trail of Yore was a hobo- a Vagabond Vet in 1946, speaking no sense whatsoever- What, did Andy (property of Doc Davis) get drafted into the Army and assigned to Mark? Did we always know that Doc Davis’ first name is “Tom?” Scan the entire link- it’s fascinating.

And no, I don’t see where they are going to stop the re-runs… I guess we’ll have to stay tuned!