May the reptiles be with you!

Special note: I have a tendency to blather on. Even though I’m having fun, I’m trying to write less and write better. I’ll start appending my initials to entries, but readers should easily identify my stuff from the posts of this blog’s founder. And as always, reader comments are always welcome.

Mark is once again being a good sport, realizing he’s walked into an environment where the reptiles are more familiar and comfortable. We still don’t know what these people actually do. Does Mark? Even though you are the Guest of Honor, Mark, there is no spare bedroom for you! Not even a suite at a local Holiday Inn. Star treatment, indeed! Well, we did note the hacienda is small. Blame those high California real-estate values.

Not to infer anything, but had I not known better, I’d say that panel four looks like an examination room in an episode of CSI: Miami.

Like Mark choosing which room is the more comfortable sleeping environment, Jules Rivera’s art and her Carl Hiaasen-like sense of the absurd may take a little time for readers to absorb and come to feel comfortable with. Still, it’s kind of refreshing to see Mark Trail sometimes having to roll with the punches and not be the dominant (or dominating) figure in every scene, even if he wants to be. On the other hand, we already know that our noveau Mark Trail is not a weepy, wimpy pretender. He is ready to bring out his “fists of justice” whenever or wherever the need arises. Just stay away from palm trees, Mark! – gka