I see purple people…

Just who is Cricket Bro talking to in the first panel? Perhaps all those purple people in the background. Rivera’s choice of a uniform color is a nice artistic decision to make Mark and “Rep” stand out in their entrance. Hmm, I bet Bettencourt is drinking a cricket cocktail.

Most readers here likely know that fried and roasted crickets are a popular snack in parts of Asia.  Growing up, I used to see cans of fried crickets and chocolate-covered ants for sale in a local grocery store. Those were strange items to find in then-conservative Virginia during the early 1960s. Never got around to trying them, however.

So now, I learn there is actually protein-rich cricket flour that can be used as an additive in various (human) food products. Even the United Nations extols the protein value of this food source. In short, Cricket Bro is really onto something! But will Mark be too distracted by his disdain for Bettencourt to pick up on this subject for an article?

And how many juvenile insults will we have to endure before Rivera moves this story along? While we try to figure out what the “Killer Bee” insult refers to, I wonder if Reptiliannaire enjoys being overlooked and treated like Mark’s sidekick. That might be a setup, as I think we can all see where things are going in the last panel.