The pot begins to bubble…

The “Reptile Kids” either seem to be the victims of a plot by Cricket Bro or Cricket Bro has discovered their secret agenda. But why keep Mark in the dark? Seems like they would solicit his participation, especially now that they know his relationship with Cricket Bro. Still, they are a clannish group and have so far kept their own counsel.

The narration box in the final panel offers us a challenge or, perhaps, a joke? What could be worse than spying on reptiles? “Getting caught by the reptiles” comes to mind. True to form, wherever Mark winds up, adventure and mystery seem to gather ‘round him (as with all such lone avengers of justice). Now that Mark has apparently learned the reason for this cabal, what will he do? I doubt he’s going to call Bettancourt and spill the beans, but they might not know this. Hey, maybe Reptilionnaire already retrieved Mark’s phone and is holding it out of caution.

Last week, I briefly pondered whether color was being used symbolically. Notice that the sky in the last two panels is a purple or purplish color, which can often symbolize a heated, vitriolic situation, as we have here. Purple prose, is it?

In spite of this intrigue, the story must go on, of course; so I’m guessing Mark will take the initiative and invite himself to this party. Shucks, I’ve guessed wrong plenty of times before. Perhaps Mark will, instead, call an Uber and get himself outta there and back to a safer and saner Lost Forest, where he can help Cherry get that Sunny Soleil Society issue squared away in time for dinner. Oh, wait. No phone!