“WAAAH! Cricket Bro is a Meanie!”

Wow, what a grumpfest (pseudo-German for “bitch session”)! Hard to know where to start here. How about ‘spying on reptiles’? Exactly how is that a crime? Are they special, extra-secret reptiles? Perhaps, lab-grown dinosaurs? Isn’t ‘spying’ what biologists often do in the field when studying animals? I mean the ones that run away or come after you, of course. Well, these people certainly made no attempt to hide the reptiles from Mark. Ah, no respect for Mark once again!

Now we know that the source code on the laptop mentioned yesterday is this air quality app. But what kind of programmer doesn’t have backups? And exactly how did Cricket Bro take the said source code? Everybody refers to the laptop as “a laptop”, so it isn’t her computer. Did Cricket Bro steal all the backups and wipe the woman’s own computer? Maybe that’s not an important point here, but I think it is an interesting technical detail. Perhaps Jules will come back to it later in the story.

To be fair, perhaps Cricket Bro believes the app is his due to his status as the funding source for this group. Well, it’s a bit dodgy:  Did he fund only the video production or is he funding this whole Herp Hacienda operation? This is where an attorney would normally be called in. I’m thinking this group has no business experience whatsoever.

Anyway, both people and animals suffer from bad air quality, of course. We already have protocols and equipment for measuring air quality. What’s special about her app? Is it attuned to specific animal respiratory systems? Does it automatically call the DNR when the air quality drops? Does it turn on a giant air purifier for the area? I’m nit-picking again, so let’s stick to the big picture that we have some idealistic environmental advocates who are only now realizing they’ve been played by a slick huckster and entrepreneur. Is this enough to get Mark’s participation? I still don’t see the crime or danger to the environment yet.