“Slimy, Backstabbing City Slicker!” Okay, Cherry, you’re upset.

It is a stereotype of tv and movie villains that they often speak in a cultured, polite tone, in order to make their patronizing dismissal of the protagonist all the more humiliating. I don’t suppose Cherry is going to call her lawyer at this point. Do you? But will she also risk arrest, like her husband, and jump that fence? There’s no turning back from that, Cherry, in spite of your threatening fists o’ justice.

But really, Violet sits contritely and alone under a backyard tree, having a cup of tea!? It’s as if she expected Cherry’s visit! I would not be surprised if her husband/partner were upstairs filming this entire episode as part of an anticipated criminal complaint against Cherry. Still, what’s their motivation here, other than some kind of perverse pleasure in using obscure rules to harass and oppress other people?

What? You mean, that often is enough of a motivation for some people? Wise up, Cherry! You’ll need more than your fists to overturn these two slimeballs!

By the way, I got the pun in panel 4. Did you? And do you have a different opinion to share? Feel free to leave it in the comments!