Today’s air quality forecast: Get those snails inside. Quick!

Okay, it’s back to Mark, then. Well, is this app really “amazing”, Mark? I don’t get it. I assume that the text in the last panel contains a big clue (“valuable data”) why Cricket Bro wants to bury this program. Maybe it conflicts with his still unknown ulterior motives. Otherwise, I don’t see where today’s strip adds much of anything new to this story, other than adding some good old-fashioned padding.

FYI: “Aparna” is also a manifestation of the Hindu goddess, Parvati (the mother goddess), which means “without a leaf”, referring to a period of Parvati’s life when she underwent extreme hardships in a forest, wearing no clothing at all and eating nothing, not even a leaf. It is part of a complex story involving death, shame, penance, and love. Look it up if you are interested. Still, I don’t see any connection of the name or background to this story or even Aparna’s app. Perhaps Jules just likes that name? Well, I’m part of the “clueless generation”, so I am likely overlooking something. Feel free to clue me in!

I might have just deleted the entire prior paragraph, owing to it resulting in a dead-end, but I wanted to let all of our readers know that this blog will stop at nothing to do quick Google searches to obtain easy answers.