Just when you thought it was safe to take a road trip…

So much for my theory of An Aggressive Driver Having Fun and Getting Ready to Pass. Is it my imagination, or does Mark suddenly look like a young Tom Cruise? Well, a wag on another site yesterday quoted lyrics from the Jan and Dean song, “Dead Man’s Curve”, and that certainly applies today. Exactly how does a cul-de-sac wind up on a 4-lane highway?

Unless the Mustang continues its spin and flips into the rough, I can’t see the green Prius outracing a muscle car, no matter how clever a driver Reptile Man thinks he is.  And, as Downpuppy noted, Reptile Man is somehow able–or arrogant enough–to drive at night wearing green-shaded glasses. Maybe he thinks he has the same optical capabilities as that hawk. But I doubt it.

Still, let’s give Jules some credit for her subtle “product placement” nod to the Fast and Furious movie franchise in that first panel. Maybe Jules is hoping to score some free tickets to the upcoming movie? In the end, I suppose the one who is really upset by these events is that hawk, because the car chase probably scared off its dinner. What I’m not sure of is whether the hawk in panel 1 (did you see it?) is the same as the one in panel 3. The coloring is certainly different. I think the dark head markings look different; but it’s probably the same one, waiting to be disturbed.