Lights! Exclamation Points! Action!

Ah, a rabbit frozen in the headlights? Well, this is a fine how-do-you-do!  Is this a bit of over-the-top acting, er, storytelling? I mean, all of this drama over an app that essentially does nothing that is not already being done elsewhere?

Of course not. Aparna already stated that Cricket Bro had gotten the app he wanted from somebody else and then fired everybody. But all of this, just so Cricket Boy can satisfy his juvenile fixation on somebody he knows is far better than he can ever be?  Well, that is a common motivation for arch-villains throughout literary and cinematic history, after all.

The artwork is correspondingly dramatic and bold, as the harsh lines of figures and the harsh glare of headlights work in conjunction to create a scene of blinding drama and potential betrayal. The style reminds me of some comic books from the 1940s. So, why are Professor Bee and his assassin-assistant acting like they are participating in a ransom payoff for a kidnapping? And what’s with Bee’s response to Mark about Trail trying to get someone killed? Is this group actually going to bump off Rept-Man and Aparna?  Clearly, there must be something really bad going on in the background to warrant this kind of reaction. And there is no longer any doubt that the good professor is part of this scheme, up to his neck.

Well, this wraps up the first week back in crazy Palm Springs, California. I’m guessing this would be a poor time to change horses in mid-stream and go back to Cherry, so I think this storyline will continue next week. I’m kind of going blind just looking at these panels!