So the Mark Trail Time Lapse goes into effect, as I predicted (See!? Rivera does maintain some of the old Trail traditions, after all!). But I have to come up with a better descriptive label. Anyway, here we are down at the office building, with some kind of mountain lion/puma/cougar in the foreground, looking like one of those animals photographed at night with a hunter’s infrared camera. But why is the body lit on this side, if the puma’s body shadow also falls on this side? Artistic license, perhaps? And is that a neon green “BRO” sign on the side of the building!? Perhaps “CRICKET” is on the other side.

We meet another oddball, a gatekeeper/bouncer named “Dare” (pronunciation up for grabs), who meets them in the lobby (I suppose). Dare conveniently separates Mark from his posse/street team, so they can leisurely “sneak” into the Developer’s wing, somehow without the gatekeeper seeing them or hearing Mark give them a caution. Perhaps Dare was a trusting soul who immediately turned to open the door to escort Mark into the presence of Cricket Bro. Seems a bit reckless for a doorman, though. Still, I wonder why Rivera did not try to show them whispering, something like this?

I’d say that Mark looks like he needs a shave, something the old Mark Trail would never countenance; but we’ve already seen that this is part of his new look, channeling the current cinematic “leading man” standards. Or Clint Eastwood in his “Man Without a Name” Western days. Or Humphrey Bogart on almost any day.