Clearing the deck for action!

We are finally back to the Cherry v Violet Grudge Match.  Not sure that a school night sleepover is such a great idea for Rusty, based on his grammar. I suppose that’s elitist thinking on my part? But Cherry must have a reason for wanting to dump Rusty off some place, especially given the fact that her Dad is still presumably at home and capable enough of watching over the kid. Unless, he is part of the plan Cherry has in mind, that is.

Business in the mountains? What—or who— is up there? Perhaps some “backwoods” person she knows or is related to, who will assist in her mission of vengeance? Or maybe she has a hidden stash of drugs in a cabin that she will secrete in the Sunny Soleil Society’s office before making an anonymous call to the police.

I suppose the “stick figures” in the background of panel 4 are meant to suggest the effect of distance on objects. And in the size comic strip are published, it is probably a necessity to avoid problems when newspapers downsize the original comic strip to fit its limited, allotted space. Nevertheless, Rivera can still fit in a remarkable amount of imagery, when necessary (e.g. panel 1). Well, I am intrigued by Cherry’s closing remarks. This should be a very interesting week!