Quit hogging the Butterfly Bushes!

Okay, I reckon that this was the inevitable outcome. So much for taking the High Road of litigation!

And I suppose if we want to give any credence to the “think outside the box” cliché, then Cherry certainly did that by enlisting the assistance of Dirk and his Hungry Hogs. I think we can count on this action to certainly raise the hackles of Violet Cheshire the next time she passes by!

Will she try to blame Cherry for the destruction? Will Cherry keep a low profile or stand proudl and yell “Yeah! I did this to the Sunny Soleil Society!” That would seem foolish, but tell me, faithful readers, what has not been foolish or reckless in Cherry’s saga so far?

Finally, what is that red “design” thing on Dirk’s beard in panel 2? It looks like one of those Japanese or Chinese “chops”; that is, a signature affixed to paper or a silk painting. A crimson ink was standard.