Opening Shots

I’m pretty sure we’ve seen this setup in movies before, where the hard-bitten cop having to work with the just-released, cynical mouthy criminal. You remember that one, right?

Still, Diana Daggers has a point: Time to man up, Trail. You’ve been the All American Nature Boy Hero for decades. Sure, you’re decided to no longer be that monolithic symbol. That’s good. It’s okay to have doubts; just don’t let them rule you. Hang in there, Mark. Stay alert and don’t let Daggers psych you out. By the way, you should have kissed her, as I advised, and put Diana on the defensive!

Okay, I think this is one of the more interesting starts for Mark’s new adventures. Aside from Dagger’s “Welcome to Hollywood” remark, I’m still not sure where they are. If they are in California, why did Mark pick Diana up at the airport, rather than the other way around? Otherwise, what is the reason for Diana’s closing comment? I don’t think that Barn Owl knows (and remember, Rivera already covered owls on a Sunday in the early days of the California adventure, so I don’t think we’ll see it on Sunday).

Rivera makes several fast cuts in these four panels, changing the angles, space, and proximity, just to keep things moving along. The third panel, as seen from a space behind the two riders, but ‘outside’ of the car, is a nice inventive viewpoint, though I have to take issue with those front seats, which look like they were carved from wood. Mark must have rented one of the “base” models of that car. And though I did not mention it before, that shoulder belt in the last panel of Monday’s strip looks more like a towel or maybe even a large piece of tree bark. But, I’m carping over details again.

Still, I’m eagerly waiting to hear more specific plans about the assignment. I wonder, truly, if they’ll wind up back at Cricket Bro’s office building? That would be a hoot! (Sorry for the pun. Okay, I’m not).