“Meet the new bunch, same as the old bunch?”

This is starting to look familiar: the “Herp Hacienda Gang of Lost Forest”, perhaps. I laughed at Ol’ Cliff as he imitates a late night host introducing his next celebrity guest, not as a fellow vet who happens to also be a Big Deal nature journalist. Or vice-versa.

Another nice closeup of Mark. One thing noticeable in Rivera’s work is that we don’t see the same photocopied closeup face of Mark every other strip, or every other panel. Maybe there is some, but it’s not so noticeable.

In any event, I see a possible “A Team” episode in the works as Mark discovers a more appealing group of people to assist in his zebra mussel assignment. I’m guessing at least one of those people will wind up being a former Navy Seal, to help handle the difficult underwater work.