Doesn’t take much to satisfy Mark!

Hard part over? Let’s see now:  Mark swam underwater for a few minutes to take pictures of a hull covered in barnacles (so it appeared). I didn’t see anybody take pictures of the cargo ship, itself; so how will he prove what ship it is? Can he even prove where the photos were taken?

So you call that an investigation, Mark!? No interviews, no follow-up, no verification of the ship’s route or manifest? Maybe a fishing magazine just doesn’t have to meet the higher criteria of a more serious investigative organization…such as QAnon. Now, would a company really send out thugs to beat up Mark, as Cliff warns? Sure, they do it in movies and books all the time: “Nice cabin you got there, Mr. Trail. Be a shame if something were to happen to it.” On the other hand, I suppose the shipping company could try to hurt Mark professionally. They could finance an exposé of Mark’s most recent adventures, for example.