To bee or not to bee? That is the question.

(Edited) Sorry, I had to get that literary pun out of the way. Now, does Jules Rivera think Cherry and her club are in California? Helena states she has to teach a crystals class!? Maybe she’s about to present a lecture on Newton’s experiments with light. In any event, I hope all of this dithering around is just that, or it will make a travesty of my “cooperation” discussion from yesterday. And Rivera apparently uses a different clock than Cherry, though I think Cherry’s sense of time is more accurate. After all, it’s already night.

“Black Rose Garden Club” is a good name, but I think Rivera missed a golden opportunity for a better name, if I do say so, myself. This is an underground (i.e. secret” or literally, “under the ground”) garden club, right? Not to pass up a good pun, I would have modestly proposed The Sub Rosa Garden Club, if Jules had only asked me…!