OK, group hug, everybody!

I suppose bringing pancakes is just a Lost Forest kind of greeting. That is, nobody really expects you to eat those large, soggy, cold slabs of dough. They are local symbols of friendship and community. Opening the box is like opening the conversation. Mark and Cliff are the round slabs of dough.

Well, a very interesting image of Diana in panel 2, actually showing her eye(s) and looking uncharacteristically pensive. Meanwhile, Cliff and Mark continue to audition for a reality show on The Hallmark Network. Mark’s comment in panel 4 is a True Trailhead Reference to the long-ago conflict between him and Cliff for Cherry’s affections. I suspect this might be Rivera nicely reaching out to long-time readers, since they are the only ones who would get the reference.

Speaking of friendship, yesterday it was “friends”, but today, it is just “my friend”. This leads us once again back to the most likely suspect, er, friend:  Professor Bee Sharp. If that is the case, can Cricket Bro be far behind? And will this NFT subplot converge into the zebra mussel investigation?