“It was an easy bank shot into the corner pocket.”

Okay, so my ruminations and predictions may not exactly have been up to the level of predicting the movement of subatomic particles, but still, it’s nice to be at least partially right. So Cricket Bro and Professor Sharp are involved in this NFT racket. This should prove very interesting!

However, I’m not sure what is going here, though it looks like Jules Rivera had several skunk drawings left over and decided to bomb them into today’s strip. Otherwise, I’m as perplexed as Sharp is, to tell the truth. It does appear that a photo shoot is in progress. I don’t know if NFTs are actually created this way, but why not!?

Next, what is this moniker, “Lewks”? Cricket Bro is actually Rob Bettancourt, Mark’s childhood nemesis and recent tormenter. But, I suppose anybody can get a nickname, and “Lewks” must be Rob’s. Rob’s “place” looks rather different from the large, white Palm Springs mansion we originally saw. Rob (or Lewks) is rich enough to have two, we must assume.

I bet you are wondering, as I am, whether that pocket protector loaded with pens in Sharp’s pocket is real or just a prop, like the fake ties boys used to have to wear during photo day at school.