And the beat goes on; yes, the beat goes on, on, on, on, on

After three days of watching Boffo hit Mark, it’s nice to finally see the favor returned. Well, we take our FOJs where we find them. If we can believe our eyes and Rivera’s drawing, a reversal of fortune should result in these two corporate yokels being the ones tied to chairs and getting interrogated. Best leave that to Diana.

But Diana was a bit late getting out the warning and employing her defensive move. She should have had “Heavy-Duty” on her radar the moment he and Boffo barged in. At least the shovel hit doesn’t display a “HIT!” sound effect as it impacts the parietal (or maybe occipital) bone. A good thunk on the back of the noggin should put that dude on the floor for a while.

Now, is Cliff hunting up some rope or hiding and hoping that these two dudes don’t recognize him? I’m still skeptical about his involvement and motivation.