My name is Mark Twain and I approved this jumping frog

That’s one high-jumping frog we see there. “Boing!” indeed. As the crew escape in Mark’s car, what we don’t see here is the conclusion to the B&B invasion. I had to flip back to see if I missed a day…Nope! I suppose that’s one way to keep the story moving along. Just omit the interesting bits.

We are forced to presume the two heavies were knocked cold. But then why the hasty exit? They should have had sufficient time to tie them up, grab their IDs, or even call the cops. Instead, it’s “Brave Sir Robin” time, as they run away. Sorry Diana, but running away won’t get you any answers. And speaking of cars, where is the vehicle those two dudes had to have arrived in?  Mark and crew hopefully slashed their tires to prevent a car chase. I’m guessing there are not too many parking lots in Lost Forest where they can hide out.

On the artistic front, the first panel vaguely reminds me of Allen’s work. Even the car has that “clip-art” feel to it that was common with the vehicles Allen included.