A night that will live in hivery?

Focus on the job, Cherry! I have to admit that the artwork yesterday was much more interesting than today’s, both in composition and details, where virtually all of the scenes were drawn from a low “dog’s eye view”. Go back and check it out, if you overlooked it. Moving on to today’s strip, I thought it was interesting that the first thing Cherry thought about when a possible intruder was around was a male figure, when virtually all of the antagonists have been women, Honest Ernest excepting.

So how is it Mark finds time to work two jobs: Daytime investigative journalist on the run and hiding out from nefarious goons; and nighttime laborer and bodyguard for Cherry and her sidekicks? When does this guy ever sleep, and how does he jump between hideout and lookout so easily? Can’t this dude ever let anybody else have the spotlight once in a while!?