When owls attack!

I don’t think it takes a lot of imagination to figure out this must be good ol’ boy Honest Ernest, who apparently has a devious-enough mind to figure out that something might be happening with the bees the night before he arrives to bee-head them (as he joked earlier).

After some research, I found out that owls do, indeed, attack humans on occasion, such as when they think they, or their progeny, are at risk; or sometimes humans are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. So, this is the wrong place for Ernest, but the right time for Cherry and her gang. Maybe.

I see three ways this story continues:

  1. Ernest gets scared off, allowing Cherry to keep working
  2. The gals grab their stuff and hide, hoping Ernest leaves soon
  3. Ernest spies the gals, anyway, spoiling their plan

Do you see any other possibilities?

Notice any parallels with Mark’s current storyline, such as the undercover work; the danger of getting caught or found out; being pursued; and in both cases, doing things that walk the line of legality? Wait, did I already mention this earlier?