Walking Tall Redux?

Looks like Mark is trotting out his “Buford Pusser” persona, using a shovel instead of a bat; only the perpetrators are not moonshiners or part of the so-called Dixie Mafia, but employees of a company legally doing their job. So Mark’s aggression is kind of a hard thing to square, even if his defense is based on a sympathetic ethic or value system.

Is Mark going to risk serious jail time and civil lawsuits if he actually assaults these people? Mark! You are supposed to be hiding out over in your own storyline. You are confusing everybody with your teleporting from one location to the other, as if you are caught in a Kurt Vonnegut chrono-synclastic infandibulum. I can only imagine what Diana and Cliff are thinking at this point. Wait, if they have any brains, thinking is the last thing they should be doing at this point. In fact, they probably encouraged Mark to spend more time with Cherry!

What a shame and what a paradox:  Mark makes the scene here just as Cherry’s week ends. That means Mark must immediately zip back to the fishing lodge in time for Monday and the start of his own two-week segment. Then he has to get back to this storyline and pick up where he left off. I think! But are Cherry and everybody else supposed to just wait around until Mark returns? And will he reappear in the same state we see him now? Could that infundibulum thingy really be true?! It’s getting real confusing!