Appearing tonight only, give it up for Honest Ernest and His Exterminator Gators!

Well, all right, then. Rivera held Cherry over for a second week, resolving the conundrum of having Mark in two places at one time. So, as this must be a surprise to regular readers, Rivera must have felt it was necessary to summarize last week in today’s submission. Better job than I did, anyway!

Is Cherry more concerned about what Mark appears to be preparing to do, or is she concerned that he is using her shovel to do it? Sure, Mark comes on a bit strong (as he always has, to tell the truth), but does she think Mark would really physically attack these people? I’m not so sure, either. After all, he attacked his own father, stole private property, wrecked property, fled the police, aided and abetted theft of intellectual property, and strong-armed the CEO of a health food supplement company. Perhaps Cherry does have some real concerns here. There is a way out of this. I’ll go over it tomorrow if they haven’t figured it out by then.