First you had me, then you lost me

For some reason, this week is going by fast. It might be because I have my first semester Italian final oral exam this coming Friday. Sono nervoso! I imagine I’m not the only one nervous; I expect a lot of the actors at this nighttime showdown are wishing they could bee someplace else. Okay! I did a bee pun. I tried to avoid it. I really did.

So, no surprise Ernest is portrayed as a far-right wingnut who thinks a fox is somebody who works for Rupert Murdoch. And did I poke fun at Mark’s histrionics? I was premature. Well, of course there are people like Ernest who see life as simplistic superlatives and ultimatums based on faulty information (something not limited to people on “the right”). Perhaps Mark could have presented a better case to Ernest by not bringing up climate change.

Anyway, I just hope Cherry’s crew is using this distraction to capture the bees!