Let’s cut back to the action, Bob…uh, did we miss something?

Is this a highlight reel? Is this what we’ve waited for over the past two weeks? It is disappointedly anti-climactic. Okay, Mark doesn’t exactly hit Ernest, so much as sweep him off his feet. Then, suddenly, we’re in a truck going home, victory in hand. It seems strange that simply getting tripped would be enough to end the confrontation and allow the bees to be moved to safety. Frequent observant reader Daniel pointed out yesterday that Mark did not hold the shovel in the last panel of yesterday’s strip. So why didn’t Mark simply slug Ernest in the grand Trail Tradition? So far, Mark’s beloved and legendary “Fists of Justice” have made a poor showing this past year.

Cherry’s good question notwithstanding, I have a few questions, too:

1) What did Mark do with his car?

2) If Mark is supposed to be the good guy, how come he’s the one skirting the law, time after time?

Submit your answers now! Readers are standing by.