A Hallmark Moment

Okay, Mark had a day to get back to the hideout with Diana and Cliff after helping wrap up Cherry’s bee caper, for which we are still hoping to see more details. Let’s check in with the action…

How cozy! It seems Mark has brought Cherry into his adventure, presumably under the umbrella of collateral safety. But what about Cherry’s dad and what’s-his-face, their kid? Well, if Mark and Cherry can’t bother to worry, presumably the bad guys will ignore them, as well.

I have to say that Rivera drew a nice welcoming view of the fishing lodge. Ah, I see Diana poking her head above Cliff’s dialog balloon in the last panel. I wonder if she is miffed that Cliff referred to the investigation as “Mark’s”, rather than “Mark’s and Diana’s”. But Cliff thinks they’re ready to finish the article? They only took a few photos! Where is the research? The interviews? Alas, it isn’t just newspapers cutting out investigative reporting. You know things are bad when even comic strip characters have cutbacks. No wonder we didn’t get to see the bee rescue: Too expensive to stage!