Ménage à deux?

I like the artwork today. The back view of Mark looking over his shoulder in panel 3 is a well-drawn complex pose. The buddy+buddy compo in panel 1 is a bit of something else.

Diana might be onto something. I think I can safely state that Rivera is clearly tweaking the nose of Trailheads with this sexually ambiguous camp, reminiscent of the 1960s Batman TV show or the later SNL animated parody. I wonder if this is just a one-off, so to speak.

Of course, we used to poke fun at Mark’s real or assumed disdain at every babe who threw herself at him (and there were plenty), other than Cherry. And even that sometimes seemed reserved. Rivera has jettisoned most of that male fantasy baggage, and that’s okay. But we never really questioned Mark’s male bona fides, just his testosterone level. Until now.