Take a breath, Cherry

I think it is fair to ask whether Rivera really thinks this is a big deal or if she is merely having Cherry go overboard, out of her obvious ignorance.

  • Just because masimo balls can host zebra mussels does not mean they always do.
  • There seems to be only one ball (or maybe two?) in this small aquarium to begin with.
  • Masimo balls spread zebra mussels if you dispose of them directly into an external water source (e.g. the toilet or a lake). There is no immediate threat, Cherry!
  • There are thousands of people in Florida, alone, who have aquariums and no doubt also have masimo balls.
  • There are safe methods of disposal that Cherry could tell Violet about in a non-agitated voice so that she does not upset or anger Violet.

Please, somebody tell Violet to quit posing and put down that blasted aquarium!