You’d think Violet would be concerned about goose poop!

Why would Violet have to get rid of the ball, Mark? Does it come with an expiration date? Anyway, at least Mark showed a modicum of common sense by calming the situation with the fact that this is not an immediate problem. Sigh! Crisis averted as Mark again saves the day.

Still, you are entitled to think there is a bit of disconnect between the relatively calm advice Mark is giving Cherry (note the absence of !!!) and his expression in panel 4, where he looks more like a sergeant in a WWII movie desperately calling in artillery to blow up approaching German Panzers topping the ridge. Remember, dear readers: Mark just got done talking to Cricket Bro, and he’s short on sleep, too. Yet Mark was able to master his emotions and frayed nerves.

Now Cherry can finish up the week this Saturday in a stronger position with Violet, right?