The shout not heard around the world!

Clearly the freighter must have stopped in time.  Stop me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t Mark and Company have notified State and/or Federal authorities to handle this problem, now that it has been identified and documented?  Or maybe they could have phoned the Duck Duck Goose Shipping Company first?

And I may wind up eating my words. I’ve been pushing a theory of deliberate over-the-top storylines and characters; but while I don’t think I’m wrong, I don’t see the point here. Today’s strip reminds me of the kind of stuff you’d see on an episode of Seinfeld.  But why does Rivera have Mark and Company act like a bunch of naïve street protesters? There has to be some kind of plot twist coming up that makes sense of this nonsense.

Finally, what happened to the rest of the De-Bait Team? Did they escape back to the fishing lodge to look for bail money under the sofa cushions?  Maybe they should just let Cliff, Mark, and Diana stay in jail, like the characters in the last episode of Seinfeld.