Wait—There’s more?

No natural phenomenon has been proven to curse eyeballs”? Well, that depends upon what one means by “curse”, I think. Eyesight lost from staring at the sun (a natural phenomenon) would certainly be a curse to the owner of the lost sight. But that’s lame sarcasm on my part. Either these kids are taking LSD or they must lead pretty boring lives to be frightened by this stuff. Still, they’re using their imaginations instead of just passively watching movies. It’s another Mark Trail Education Moment.

During Allen’s tenure, Rusty did star in his own adventure, along with an older female counterpart, Mara, during a family trip to the Yucatan Peninsula (started April 2018). It was a good adventure for Rusty. Obviously, the vignette here is not meant to be taken as anything more than boys being boys. So, I hope Rivera gives Rusty a better story down the road. Anyway, I think this sleepover bit has been stretched farther than current industry standards support.