Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap over tall swamp grass…!

This story started out as a road trip to Portland, Oregon. Yesterday, it became a “fun family trip to Florida”, and I thought they were just going down there to pick up “Grampy Happy”. So, for a vacation that is supposed to be no longer than two weeks, how are they going to get all of this done? Do they plan a mere 3-hour visit to Portland before having to turn around?

And then I spotted what I’m sure you did in panel 2:  Mark has a flying car! That should help them avoid traffic jams and toll stations along the way. Gotta love it! Mark Trail Meets The Bob Cummings Show.

Apparently, Rusty isn’t up on the common-sense rule of not bothering the driver, as he shoves his smartphone into Mark’s face. But he has reason enough:  One of Mark’s major time-wasters is about to reappear in his beat-down of a life. And why not? Practically every other main character from Mark’s California story has already checked in. This could be an interesting and funny adventure.