Look! The Trails have settled down to driving on the highway. Perhaps the FAA texted and ordered them to drive like everybody else.

So maybe a story focusing on Rusty might be premature if this is what we’re going to have to endure. He seemed to be older, or at least more mature. But now, he’s backsliding.

On the other hand, there are a few cute puns in panel 2.  Regarding panel 3, I get a distinctive Japanese manga vibe in its composition and style. HOWEVER, while an expanded “PLEASEwhine is standard in this kind of situation, it cannot end with an expanded “EEEE”, since the final “E” is not vocalized. Rivera makes the word sound like Please-eee. Sorry, but noooooooopeeee!

Finally, I don’t think there is a sub-genre know as lizard rap (but correct me if I’m wrong), so I think Reptiliannaire has a lock on that title. But there are rap/hip-hop songs that mention reptiles. There is also “Rap Lizards”, a podcast by three lively hip-hop nerds who discuss music and production of curated hip-hop albums.