Do we ever move beyond our past?

Apologies for the belated post. I wrote this last night, but I must have forgot to complete the process to publish it! So, here it is.

Oh, great. I see where this is going: With the text box and the floating “MARKY!” comments in panel 4, we have a blatant setup to trot out the next foe from Mark’s past, as if we are watching Mark be the guest of honor on the ancient TV show, “THIS IS YOUR LIFE!” No surprise that the mystery voice in Markey’s head is Rob Bettencourt (aka Cricket Bro, as he is lately known). Talk about a bad case of PTSD. C’mon, Mark! You finally humiliated Rob in his own corporate HQ. Get over it, already. This is not Mary Worth!

By the way, I noticed that, in spite of the renewed Jolly-Happy Friend Fest, Happy’s business venture is still mentioned only as “Happy Trail Farms.” So, what role does Jolly play? What is the business split? Is Happy playing a more subtle long game?

Uffa! I think I’d rather hear more of the cryptid conversation with Rusty and Aunt Peach.