And now for something completely indifferent

Nit-pick, nit-pick. I don’t think Jadsen’s point was to give a summary of all of his business ventures! Still, it looks like the Trail’s latest crusade is going to be against NFTs, at least to the extent of getting Pappy Happy’s money back. After that, we’ll have to see. I hope this doesn’t mean we have to deal with Daggers once again. She deserves a break, and so do we.

Is that a man-bun on Sterling’s head? Perhaps that, and goatees, are going to be new identification symbols of bad guys, the way beards and sideburns used to be, before Rivera took over. Meanwhile, where is “Dad”? You’d think he and Rusty would be in the seats immediately across the aisle, or in the seats directly in front or behind them.