Imagine a world of spaghetti noodles…!

I was thinking of the 1950s Superman TV show. As a very young boy, I thought he was amazing. But by the time I was 7 or 8, I was a savvy TV watcher and started noticing details:  Nobody worked at The Daily Planet except for Clark, Lois, Jimmy, and Mr. White. Superman’s muscles were just padding; everybody had to be really stupid to not see that Clark Kent was Superman. He had to keep rescuing Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen when they kept getting themselves into stupid traps. Superman also wasted too much time chasing down third-rate crooks and crackpots. Of course, I was not savvy enough to understand story development for kid programs was not important.

Once again, we see that Mark leads with his head and acts like Jimmy Olsen. Leave it to Cherry to have at least a lick of common sense, even if it is too late. But as for her concerns about the environment, Cherry, you just flew across country in a giant jet airplane! Show some humility! At least Rusty is wise enough to tune out the “grownups.”

But who is that sock puppet poking his head around the seats in panel 3? Oh, my lord, it’s Cricket Bro. Is he behind Mark? Where did that extra seat come from? If he is in front of Mark, why is Mark looking back? And how did all three Trails get into the van without noticing Cricket Bro was already there? Never mind that Cricket Bro looks and acts like he is Rusty’s age. It’s all too much.

Although this storyline has potential, the execution does not give us a lot of hope.