To the Metaverse…and beyond?

Sell NFTs”, Mark? I’m just a slow boy from Virginia, but it wasn’t too long ago that Cricket Bro was not only selling NFTs, he was creating them! Well, we have to keep in mind that Rivera created the two Bros and this NFT biz for the purpose of satire. I think.

There really are “NFT Influencers” all hyping the Metaverse, marketing digital products, and buying/selling NFTs. According to an information site ( “Gucci sold a virtual bag for $4115, and Digital Coutour sold a dress (also digital) for $9500.” Nike purchased a “digital collectables company” to create and sell (to real people) virtual sneakers for users’ avatars. I kid you not. This site is an interesting read.

So, what’s with the “lure them in” blather in panel 3? From what I’ve read, NFT Influences are more than happy to chat with you, work on your product or idea, and take your money. It’s why they exist.