“You called me a name! Prepare to die…after I reaffirm my self-worth!”

Cricket Bro deals Mark a crushing blow”? Huh? Did he kick Mark in the gonads? Although I generally support Rivera’s work, I do wish she would stop making Mark out to be some kind of temperamental, man-boy, especially when called really bad, hurtful, and obscene names like “nerd.” OMIGOSH!! The shame! I suppose one has to have standards, but for heaven’s sake, Rivera, what’s with this constant belittling of Mark and his inability to suffer any kind of criticism or jest? I wonder if he also just wet his pants? I’m surprised you don’t have Cherry stepping in to put Cricket Bro in his place.

Jules, please get away from indulging in so much of this kind of pointless and plotless soap opera slurry. And—“I beg your pardon!” is that bear bringing salmon to grill? Somebody grab some lemons!