Mark Trail: Forensic Accountant

Four tablets and computers”? Last I looked, tablets are computers. In any event, a handful of computers is small beer; hardly what I would call a “generous gift”, unless Mabel has a yearly budget of about $10K. One would think that the boys would provide seed money for supplies, facilities, and staff. Now, all that would be generous!

Also, what is this “department” Mabel refers to in panel 2? I was under the impression this was an autonomous NPO of some sort. In any event, what’s Mark’s beef, anyway? Aside from the NFT scam—which does not appear to be illegal—what have the Brothers done? And isn’t Cricket Bro already a millionaire in his own right? Mind your own bees-wax, Mister!

Mark, just go back, pick up your family, and take your damned vacation! Quit looking for imaginary monsters; that’s Rusty’s job.