I guess this means the visit is over?

More cutsey-cutsey nonsense. And what kind of recovery center is this, anyway? Floor-to-ceiling bird cages line each wall of an otherwise empty room. Is that even good for the birds? Is there even any ventilation in there? PHEW!

As for the story, another PHEW! Plus some very questionable artwork, too. I could swear this was getting drawn by two different people. Panel 3 barely qualifies as a sketch. I just don’t get it.

And what kind of stupid question is that in panel 4, anyway: What do you do when a lumber mill catches fire?  Gee, I dunno, dudes. Maybe you tell your employees to get the hell out of the mill! Didn’t you implement any safety procedures? Don’t you get inspected by the State, or is this some kind of illegal mill? And what about safety features, such as fire hoses, water sprinklers, or an automatic fire alarm to the fire department? Do you let your employees grill their lunch in the mill?

Gawd, can we please get back to the Specter hunt?