Here is the Weekly Recap and Sunday Nature Talk

Once again, a week filled with suspense, drama, and action!

Wait, sorry. I was thinking of the Vintage Phantom comic strip posted on ComicsKingdom, not the current Mark Trail adventure. I’m certainly not thinking of that stupid pet monkey adventure in the Vintage Mark Trail reprints. either.

While “the little woman and the brat” were left behind, The Four and a Half Men (Isn’t Mark more than just one man?) drove out to a bird/animal rescue center to which the Bird-Brain Brothers provide minor financial support. Presumably this support is to put a smiley face on their NFT business. They also hope the trip will distract Mark into thinking they’re good guys at heart and not trying to fleece Happy Trail or screw over his business.

But is Mark getting himself involved in something that is not really his business? And isn’t he supposed to be on a family vacation? No wonder he left Cherry behind!

Anyway, the only other notable event of the week is that the secret lumber mill Jadsen owns appears to be on fire and he doesn’t know how to respond to it. So, he turned to Mark for advice. I think Rivera has the right slant on NFT crackpots.

Enjoy today’s Sunday nature talk and have a nice Easter, however you observe it.

Dang! I think a beaver must have eaten my Easter basket, because I can’t find it anywhere!