Gawrsh, they’s got a bookstore and a train! We is in the Big City now!

Hayseed Cherry (remember the stereotypical trailer home?) must not get out of Lost Forest very often. She might even be surprised to learn that people use dinner knives for cutting their food, not for eating it. Okay, maybe she’s just trying to get Rusty excited for the excursion, because he sure looks like he’d rather be somewhere else.

We might be destined for a week of strips showing Cherry and Russ—er, Rusty—visiting Portland. Like the class of delinquents Sidney Poitier hustled into the Victoria & Albert Museum in To Sir With Love, will we get a montage of Cherry and Rusty eyeballing old statues, scratching their heads at public art, and searching for the “Women and Women First” bookstore from the Portlandia TV show? Or will Rusty discover the Seaside Spector selling coffee in a Starbuck’s (“Heck, kid. Even cryptids have to earn a living, you know.”)? Buckle your lazy-boy seatbelts, people. The train is ready to pull out!