Dramatic Events Play Out!

Yeah, you figured it. My title was just clickbait. Anyway, continuing to whine and complain might be cathartic, but it doesn’t go very far. So, I have to, uh, play the cards I’ve been dealt. Not that I won’t play them as I see them (gawd, how many clichés can I drag out!?), but I can’t continue to let complaints dominate the blogosphere.

Okay. Cherry demonstrates what happens when a parent tries too hard to engage with a pre-teen child. What 12-year old boy could fail to appreciate a city tour of “must-see” locations? How about all of them!? Having helped raise four boys, I can attest to the folly we are seeing play out before our eyes.

Otherwise, Rusty’s nice little suspenseful mystery apparently wimped out in one night, and we are left with this vacuous rambling hokum. It is quite possible that this vacuous hokum is also meant to divert our attention, where we’ll be surprised by a sudden turn of events surrounding Rusty’s Specter Search. I hope!